Our products – Cleaning, Desinfection & Drying Cabins (CDDC)

Advantages of our CDDC series:

  • The modular construction of the cabin allows flexibility to existing buildings
  • Full automatic operation, controlled by series-parallel-series memory
  • The operation is appropriate for the material involved
  • Highly efficient cleaning and disinfection
  • Requires less space
  • Not harmful to the environment because of recirculation operation and the use of  ecologically beneficial agents
  • User-friendly
  • Low-maintenance
  • Hot water system with temperature control unit
  • Illumination of the washroom when the door opens
  • Intensive and all surface reaching cleaning guaranteed with moving spraying
  • All processing times are adjustable by using the display incl. user terminal.  This way, the operation can be adjusted to the different cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • Aeration of the washroom during the disinfection process

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for 12 masks

  • Aluminium profile casing for better sound insulation and heat insulation powder-coated on both sides, making maintenance hardly necessary
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Collection tray made of aluminium
  • Grating made of aluminium above heating elements
  • Water is being drained from below, which means no residual water stays in the area of the collection tray
  • Safety glass doors
  • Touchless door contact switch
  • 4 adjustable feet, optional for heavy duty wheels
  • Width: 1,200 mm
  • Depth: 800 mm
  • Height: 1,700 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg


for 24 masks


for 24 masks or 12 LDVs


for 4 Helmets or 8 Masks or 8 LDVs


for 8 helmets, 16 masks, 16 LDVs


for 12 helmets

Additional Equipment

  • Frame CPS
  • Frame for diving suits
  • Frame for 20 gloves or boots
  • Frame for 24 respirator masks incl. 1 set of adapters
  • Frame for 8 helmets
  • Frame for 12 breathing apparatuses
  • Frame for 4 compressed air breathing apparatuses SCBA